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Visit Amazon Valley Academy’s website at: Believer’s Bridge administers an international Christian school near the mouth of the Amazon River in Ananindeua, Para, Brazil called Amazon Valley Academy (AVA).
We are actively seeking a director for AVA! Learn more about this position – Director Job Description.  Then download an application and submit it along with your resume/CV to be considered.

AVA’s campus sits on approximately 7 acres. It consists of six buildings and fields. The newest
building has 11 classrooms, administration offices, a library and chapel. The other buildings have a total of 17 rooms/classrooms.



AVA-BuildingAVA began as a school for missionary kids in 1957, moving to its current location in 1962.  Having undergone several changes, the current student demographic consists of mostly Brazilian nationals with a few expats.  Our teachers and staff are mostly native North Americans, but include Brazilian nationals as well.

If you are interested in working as a teacher or staff member at AVA, please visit our Job Openings page to find out more.

Besides AVA, Believer’s Bridge also administers an EFL program and University (began Fall 2014).  If you are interested in information about opportunities to work in those areas, please use our Contact page to get in touch with us and include which program you are interested in.